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Who we are

We bring together the world's best designers and products with the finest materials and craftsmen to make beautiful and simplistic products. At Collect.Studio this is not only our mission and culture but also our passion. It starts with a concept or idea that rolls through our heritage and mission to become a beautiful product we all can be happy about, excited to own, use and love.


Our carefully selected materials speak for themselves through careful craftsmanship. Using only the highest quality local timber and our products are developed by artisans who are devoted to their craft and state of the art machinery.


We value the simplicity and functionality of our products. Focusing on design, not decoration, we believe that the absence of something can say more. We always aim to artfully complement spaces, moments and experiences.


Valuing creativity, artistic expression and attention to detail. We love natural wood and, at the same time, pops of color. Through our iconic designs, we always aim to create something unique.


While maintaining the highest level of importance on human quality and design,'s products help to elevate your space to become a masterful work of art.


Our timber is locally harvested from North-East American forests to ensure sustainability. At our workshop in PA, we use as much recyclable material as possible with direct delivery to our clients to reduce carbon footprint.