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Assembling Elegance: The BO Collection by Simon Busse

Simon Busse's BO Collection is not only a testament to the harmonious blend of creativity, functionality, and homage to design legacy but also a vanguard of a practical dimension to the world of furniture. This exceptional collection, comprising a chair, table, stools, and bench, reflects Busse's unique vision and innovative approach. All products of the BO Collection are shipped flat or as knock-down furniture for a seamless and efficient assembly process.

At the heart of the BO Collection is the chair, an adaptation inspired by the iconic SESC Pompeia Chair designed by the legendary Lina Bo Bardi. Busse pays tribute to Bo Bardi's timeless design while infusing his distinctive touch to create a contemporary masterpiece.

The standout feature of the BO chair lies in its construction—held together by cable ties. This unconventional choice not only adds an element of intrigue to the design but also serves as a nod to modern materials and methods. The use of cable ties, a departure from traditional joinery, reflects Busse's commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the conventions of furniture design.

The table, stools, and bench in the BO Collection seamlessly complement the chair, sharing the same spirit of innovation and homage to design heritage. Each piece embodies Busse's dedication to creating functional yet aesthetically captivating furniture that enhances any space it graces.

Simon Busse's BO Collection is not merely a set of furniture; it's a celebration of design evolution. Through meticulous craftsmanship, thoughtful adaptation, and a bold choice of materials, Busse invites us to explore a contemporary narrative while paying homage to the design luminaries who paved the way.

In the BO Collection, form meets function, tradition meets innovation, and the result is a series of furniture pieces that not only stand as individual works of art but also contribute to a collective narrative of design excellence. Simon Busse's vision comes to life, inviting us to experience the beauty of the BO Collection—a true testament to the timeless nature of inspired design."

Simon busse

Since 2011, Simon Busse has also been active as a lecturer at international universities, passing on his experience in workshops, seminars and design consultancy

Since 2021 as a visiting professor for product design at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Applied Sciences.

Since 2021 in the permanent collection of Pinakothek der Moderne (X-D-E-P-O-T), Munich

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