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emerged not merely as an upcoming exhibition but as a poignant testament to the delicate interplay between innovation, authenticity and the urban landscape of Copenhagen.

In June of 2023 – overlapping with 3 Days of Design – this extraordinary showcase, a collaborative effort by Boris Berlin/Design, Simon Busse Studio, Lloyd Cowdry, and at Gallery Davis, invited enthusiasts into a nuanced exploration of design, art, and architecture. At its heart, REAL | FAKE embarks on a humble journey through the significant landmarks and cultural touchstones of Copenhagen. From the majestic Glyptoteket to the intellectual haven of the Konigliche Bibliothek and the artistic hub of Charlottenborg, our avant-garde objects seamlessly integrate with these iconic settings.

Meticulously captured through LIDAR scans born from a modest exploration, these scans delicately document the essence of these landmarks, laying the foundation for the subsequent exhibition at Gallery Davis. Within the gallery, the objects unfold in a vibrant display of colors, narrating a story that transcends grandiosity. Photographs capture the moments where design intertwines with the pulse of the city, inviting visitors to witness the unassuming fusion between our creations and the urban backdrop of Copenhagen.

REAL | FAKE is an ode to the ever-evolving nature of design, steering away from grand gestures. This exhibition is a humble celebration of creativity, beckoning design, art, and architecture enthusiasts to embark on a narrative woven from the corners of Copenhagen to the esteemed halls of Gallery Davis. Each scan and photograph encapsulate a chapter in our understated yet impactful avant-garde journey, an invitation to appreciate the extraordinary within the ordinary.