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Dedicated to Sustainable Craftsmanship and Environmental Care

at collect studio, sustainability is integral to our craft, reflecting our commitment to creating eco conscious furniture. our timber is carefully sourced from north east american forests, supporting local ecosystems and ensuring a sustainable supply chain.

our sustainability approach involves prioritizing timber from local north american forests and thoughtful manufacturing in the usa. from our workshop in the maryland/pennsylvania area, we craft our upholstered seating products and loose seat pads with natural materials, either in-house or in collaboration with specialized partners. every aspect of our operations is designed to reduce our environmental impact.

we exclusively use low or non voc finishes, ensuring a healthy indoor environment. responsible sourcing of energy, exploration of green alternatives, offsetting our company's carbon footprint, and adhering to recycling standards are all integral to our practices. our repair and restore service aims to prolong the life of our furniture, minimizing overall waste. as part of our forward-thinking ethos, we embrace digital solutions, utilize natural cleaning products, and integrate wellbeing principles into our design and manufacturing practices.

For your everyday life.

Selected quality materials, manufactured with care to make beautiful products.

thank you for choosing collect studio. for inquiries or more information, please feel free to reach out to us at