The archetype Chair

The archetypeThe Studio chair is simultaneously sleek and sturdy. A slimline hybrid of a British 18th Century Windsor, a Scandinavian “pinnstol” and a Japanese commodity chair. For the international team at, the Studio Chair marked a new beginning. The pared-back and technical take on the classic spindle chair set the tone for a series of jointly developed collections all with a traditional silhouette but contemporary feel. Made by locally sourced oak in wood factories in Pennsylvania, USA, the Studio Chair is carefully enforced and suitable for a contract environment as well as your living room, now available with a coat that allows for disinfectant cleaning.

Studio Table / from $2625.00

and Table

The standard Studio Table is a minimalist  "box-frame" table, manufactured to the highest degree and is crafted in standard sizes of 
1000 mm x 1000 mm and
2400 mm x 1000 mm
For custom sizes, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you.


“I would describe the Studio Collection simply as post-luxury. Premium materials, sustainable manufactured, but minimalist rather than opulent."
Magnus Breitling

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In 2019, began the journey towards creating collaborative design developments. The first collection made was the Studio chair, a modern take on a traditional chair archetype. This set the tone for a series of collections following the ethos of minimalism, durability, craftsmanship and warmth. This design studio has an international reach with contributors from Hong Kong, London, Barcelona and USA, who bring a new perspective to classic design, an opportunity for a collected mind to flourish. constitutes a group of designer and engineers making furniture that has relevance, pairing technology with materiality and lasting beauty.