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The Chin-Chin Chair is created as a homage to Hong Kong’s best dim sum places, along the lines of old traditions meeting principles of effortless simplicity. Their namesake is a Kowloon Whiskey bar, and like the combined utility and charm of Hong Kong’s street life, the Chin-Chin chair is built with captivation of line and form. “My ambition was to integrate the traditional slab with a highly technological bentwood piece that would anchor the backrest with the slender seat,” says Ibiza-born, Barcelona-based designer Eugeni Quitllet, “The unification of a bent back and a slim seat became a translation from a traditional chair to a modern idea, celebrating longevity in form.” The commitment to iterate the tea house chair involved building stability through minimalism and quality, with every radius being well thought through. “We all love the feeling and atmosphere of a great Dim Sum restaurant, and Chin-Chin chair became a way to further develop centuries-old techniques of this type of conviviality,” Magnus Breitling founder of recalls, “Imagine classic, well-made hand food served in a simple, functional and warm setting. That is what Chin-Chin is built to make you feel.” A modern take on a shape we all know, Chin- Chin is just like Hans Wegner’s China Chair from 1944, but a version of a tried and true design for timeless rooms.


The Chin-Chin is a pared-down yet charming collection of oak chairs that comes in a colourful array of carefully chosen finishes. Relying on the past for inspiration, this 15th-century re-imagination provides a warm wooden chair with a welcoming pop of colour to any room or setting. Prioritizing the exploration of form, Ibiza-born and Barcelona-based designer Eugeni Quitllet has created a slender version of a tearoom classic. Chin-Chin is a versatile chair which can be used for dining but also serves well as an eye-catching and enthusiastic seat in any room. The renaissance for this type of chair feels natural when you are thinking about the way we gather today, valuing seats as much for their utility and sustainability as for their timeless beauty.


Ibiza born, Barcelona based, designer Eugeni Quitllet got his design degree from Llotja Art School in Barcelona. With numerous iconc design pieces for houses like Kartell, Alias and Lexon, his creative vocabulary surpasses the simple relation between function and style...

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