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GOPLE by Boris Berlin
BO_14 by Simon Busse
KINOKO by Lloyd Cowdry

I was asked by Magnus to design "a useless but irresistible object."
It implies the presence of the normal inherent usefulness of other objects around us. At the same time, we perfectly know (in the rear moments of honesty) that we can easily, and often much better live without most of the artifacts human beings designed and produced.
Thus the necklace of colored glass beads exchanged with the chieftain of the primitive tribe by the European merchant for something "really" valuable back home was as useless but irresistible as what the merchant got... The design of Gople is my attempt to create the object you fell in love with, the object you cannot stop touching/caressing and not getting tired of looking at - truly functional, being useless in the primitive sense of this word.

Boris Berlin

Taking inspiration from architect Bo Bardi and her renowned design of a hybrid typology that blends a chair and stool for the public area of the Sesc Pompeia library, we present our creation: the "BO_14" stool. By ingeniously assembling the components and securing them with cable ties, we have achieved a stable and sturdy stool.
The concept of connecting elements and exploring its potential has further inspired us to develop a comprehensive collection called "BO_14."

Simon Busse

"Inspired by natural forms from the forest, Kinoko is a sculptural object that is both useful and beautiful."

Lloyd Cowdry