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by Simon Busse. Introducing the BO_ CHOP Collection, where solid craftsmanship meets sleek design. These thick, durable cutting boards are an expansion of the revered BO_  Collection, offering a tactile and robust chopping experience. Complete with a clever cable tie for easy storage, the collection features three sizes: the large for extensive food prep, the medium for daily use, and the compact BO_ FORAGER for precise fresh herb cutting. Each board in the BO_ CHOP Collection is designed to be a staple of strength and style in your kitchen.

S L: 170mm | 6.75" W: 125mm | 5" H: 50mm | 2"
M L: 340mm | 13,25" W: 250mm | 9.75" H: 50mm | 2"
L L: 500mm | 19.75" W: 340mm | 13,25" H: 50mm | 2"
BO_ CHOP Sale price$65.00